ACC Treatment Provider

We are an accredited clinic with HDANZ (Health and Disability Audit New Zealand) this enables us to hold certain ACC contracts. What this means for you is that we meet a high level of national standards, so you know you are getting a quality service. It also means that you can come directly to us if you sustain an injury in an accident*

We are able to help you with the ACC paperwork and lodge the claim for you, we can also refer you on to other providers if necessary, such as x-ray, podiatry and some specialists.
Where we can’t help: If you need time off work you will need a medical certificate from a doctor.

If the injury is from a ‘gradual process’ sustained at work eg: repetitive strain type of problem, you will need to see the GP first.

If you are not sure please ring for advice: 07 856 4656 or email:
Our friendly and knowledgeable reception team will be able to point you in the right direction.

*Defined as some form of external force causing an injury eg a slip, lifting something, a car crash, fall etc. See the following link for more information ACC/am-i-covered/