Real Time UltraSound - RTUS

This is the same technology used to look at babies in the uterus. However we are using it to look at the muscles and soft tissues to see exactly what is happening inside you.

Core Stability – Your abdominal wall is made up of layers of muscles starting from the rectus Abdominus (six-pack) down to the deepest Transverse Abdominus, all of these muscles have a role in providing stability and support to the spine.

The RTUS allows the physiotherapist and yourself to see exactly what is happening to those muscles and then if there is a problem it is a valuable feedback tool to correct any problems.

Pelvic Floor – the gold standard for pelvic floor examination is an internal examination, and not everybody is comfortable with this. RTUS offers an alternative to this. Although the pelvic floor muscles themselves are difficult to image, you can easily see a full bladder and the effect the pelvic floor is having on this. It should lift the floor of the bladder up to help control continence, this lift can be seen and assist in retraining of the pelvic floor, see our newsletter on pelvic floor for more info: Click here