How We Are Keeping You Safe From COVID

We are back in the clinic at Level 3 after a change in direction from the Ministry of Health.

That does not mean business as usual, as we need to take some steps to try and keep you all safe.

So what are we doing at Hillcrest and Tamahere Physiotherapy to try and minimise the chance of spreading COVID -19

1.  All our staff are fully vaccinated - we know this is the best way of reducing the chances of serious disease and also reduces the rates of transmission.

2. We are wearing masks - and you have to wear one too. Due to the nature of physiotherapy, we are often in close contact with our clients.  So staying 2 m apart outside is not really realistic.  Mask wearing will help reduce the spread of aerosols.

3. We have split our team up into 2 groups - this enables less people in the clinic at once.  We can use two rooms for each physiotherapist, one ventilating, while the other is in use.  You won't have to go straight into a room someone else has just been in.

4. Telehealth - we can use this initially to see if we can manage your condition via telehealth (the safest option), or how best we can get you seen safely.  We can do most of our question asking over the phone or zoom, to minimise talking time in clinic.

5. Waiting room is closed - to try and minimise contact between people.  Please wait in your car until rung to come up for your appointment.  Or wait outside in the fresh air.

6. Liberal use of cleaning agents and no bedding on plinths - allows for regular surface disinfecting.

7. Screening everyone for COVID risk factors at time of booking appointment and again on arrival.  Please be truthful with your answers, we can then provide the safest treatment options for all.

Why do all this?  Our first priority is to keep you and our staff safe, alongside providing an effective physiotherapy service.

These are challenging and scary times, but please be reassured we will do our best to keep you safe. 


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