Physiotherapy-led exercise classes

Hillcrest Physiotherapy Hamilton

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Pilates, Circuit Training and Yoga

We hold a variety of exercise and education classes in our gym.  A fully qualified Physiotherapist runs the classes and they are kept to a maximum of 10 to ensure everyone gets great supervision.

Circuit Classes

Our circuit class includes a combination of equipment and mat exercises. It’s a fun class with the aim of building strength through the main muscle groups, as well as balance and stamina. It is suitable for anyone with a moderate level of fitness and is run by one of our physiotherapist's, so the exercises can be modified for any existing injury or disability. The class is a great add-on for a cardio programme or to rebuild strength after an injury, as well as just general fitness.


DMA Clinical Pilates is research based and taught mainly by health professionals.The original concept of Pilates has been taken apart, challenged and brought in line with current knowledge.  Classes have a maximum of 10 people.  All our instructors are qualified physiotherapists, and spend time going around the class ensuring everyone is doing exercises the safest way for them. They can also advise on modifications and general education on injuries and areas of pain during or after class. Fun and relaxed environment, perform to the best of your ability, no competition or pressure to keep up with everyone. 

Pilates can help with:
General fitness and strengthening, specific strengthening of core, relaxation and breathing control, coordination, low back, neck and shoulder pain, sports performance

Yoga Therapy

Recent research by some of the top professionals in the field of physiotherapy and chronic pain has strongly suggested that much of our current low back pain epidemic can be linked to lifestyle; not only too much sitting, but also high levels of stress and our perception that "back pain" is serious pain. On top of that we are constantly told to sit up straight, work our core's and that back pain is all about poor posture and weak muscles.

However, too much muscle tone, and in particular an inability to ever relax that tone, is being shown to be a major contributor to low back pain. Learning to move in better patterns and to relax our muscles is vital.  In order to help clients learn to relax and move in better patterns, we are pleased to introduce yoga classes. Our yoga classes will have a maximum of 10 people, so individual attention can be given to each participant.  

Benefits of Yoga:
Increase muscle strength and length, Increase balance, Focus on breath, energy and vitality, Stress Management, Pain management and coping strategies, Self-care- Holistic approach to mind and body wellness


Class Fees

Casual rates are $17:00 per class
10 concession card for all classes is $150, for use with any class type.

Wear suitable clothing for exercising and a water bottle is recommended.
All classes are taken by a physiotherapist, let them know if you have any pre-existing conditions.
Please Ring 07 856 4656 to check availability and book into classes.


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