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New Year's Resolutions and Goals

With the New Year 2022 here, many of us will have had a reflection on what we want to achieve over the coming year.  Some of us will have committed to New Year's Resolutions and some of us, to a vague idea of what we would like to happen.  Setting goals is something that can help us achieve what we want.  This can be for anything, but I am going to talk mostly about achieving physical goals.  My goal last year was to walk some of the Great Walks.  I was lucky enough to ...

January 17, 2022

Evidence- Based Physical Activity Guidelines for Pregnant Women. 2021

Recently I attended an online conference.  These are always great, and you learn so much.  Keeping up to date with the latest research developments is an important part of being a healthcare professional. One of the speakers Dr Melanie Hayman had recently been working with a group of researchers to formulate a set of guidelines for physical activity in pregnant women.  This is an Australian guideline, but relevant here too.  If you want to check out the full document, here i...

November 12, 2021

How We Are Keeping You Safe From COVID

We are back in the clinic at Level 3 after a change in direction from the Ministry of Health.That does not mean business as usual, as we need to take some steps to try and keep you all safe.So what are we doing at Hillcrest and Tamahere Physiotherapy to try and minimise the chance of spreading COVID -191.  All our staff are fully vaccinated - we know this is the best way of reducing the chances of serious disease and also reduces the rates of transmission.2. We are wearing masks - and you h...

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