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Ankle Sprains - what are they?

Last week, I knew it was winter sports trials time – how? The number of ankle sprains I was treating.  At Hillcrest Physio we have several school clinics and this time every year we have a big spike in ankle sprains that we are treating.  On Friday 70% of my case...
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RED-S, What is it?

March 18, 2022

RED-S – Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports

RED-S was previously known as the Female Athlete Triad, but was changed to Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports to better reflect the nature of the condition.RED-S was renamed after a review of the evidence made it obvious that the condition was not just found in females but...
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Running Injuries

February 28, 2022
At Hillcrest Physiotherapy we see a large number of injured runners.  We see runners from across the spectrum, kids doing a couple of kilometers to augment their sports training, through to 100km ultra runners.  Running injuries mostly affect the legs/pelvis/back ...
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