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Ankle Sprains - what are they?

Last week, I knew it was winter sports trials time – how? The number of ankle sprains I was treating.  At Hillcrest Physio we have several school clinics and this time every year we have a big spike in ankle sprains that we are treating.  On Friday 70% of my case...
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RED-S, What is it?

March 18, 2022

RED-S – Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports

RED-S was previously known as the Female Athlete Triad, but was changed to Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports to better reflect the nature of the condition. RED-S was renamed after a review of the evidence made it obvious that the condition was not just found in females b...
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Running Injuries

February 28, 2022
At Hillcrest Physiotherapy we see a large number of injured runners.  We see runners from across the spectrum, kids doing a couple of kilometers to augment their sports training, through to 100km ultra runners.  Running injuries mostly affect the legs/pelvis/back ...
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We are back in the clinic at Level 3 after a change in direction from the Ministry of Health.That does not mean business as usual, as we need to take some steps to try and keep you all safe.So what are we doing at Hillcrest and Tamahere Physiotherapy to try and minimise the ...
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